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 Organization framework 
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 Leadership Team 
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 Overview of MCC-SFRE 
Organization framework

Organization framework

Shareholders, Directorate, Supervisors Board, Management Board

Function departments

Company Office, Audit Department, Technical Department,

QC DepartmentManufacturing Arrangement Department,

Safety and Environment Protection Department,

Finance Department, Human Resource Department,

Procure Department, Equipment Maintaining Department,

Management and Service Department

Workshops and technical departments

the 1st Machining Workshop, the 2nd Machining Workshop,

the 3rd Machining Workshop, the 4th Machining Workshop,

Casting Workshop, Rough Preparation Workshop,

Forging Workshop, Heat Treatment Workshop,

Design Department, the 1st and 2nd Engineering Department, 

Research And Development Center,

Other auxiliary departments:

the CPC Committee, Superior Committee,

Labor’s Union, The Communist Youth League Committee,

the Relationship-Coordinating Department Between Communists and Demos.


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