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 Various Cold、Hot Strap Rolling Mills 
 Equipment For Hot Galvanizing And Pickliling Line 
 Skin Pass And Cutting Equipment 
 The Other Porducts 

        With the past 40-year development, especially these few years’, MCC-SFRE speeded up its innovative and developing pace and now it has the capacity of manufacturing 35000t equipments annually (per year). The main customers are such large-scale domestic iron and steel companies as Baosteel Group Co.,Ltd, Anshan Iron & Steel Group Corporation, Wuhan Iron & Steel Group Corporation, Capital Iron & Steel Group Corporation ,Tangshan Iron &Steel Co.,Ltd, Panzhihua Iron & Steel Group Corporation , Maanshan Iron &Steel Co.,Ltd, Benxi Iron & Steel Group Co.,Ltd, etc. MCC-SFRE has been cooperating with 18 well-known international companies (such as SMS Group, Mitsubishi-Hitachi Metals Machinery, Inc.  )from 8 countries, and the products have been provided to countries such as Germany, Japan, Korea, America, India, Russia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and so on.

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