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Brief introduction of MCC-SFRE

MCC-SFRE is an R & D and manufacturing enterprise in the MCC group. We have whole set hot manufacturing and machining equipment and advanced technology. We own  the capacity for  the turnkey project.  The main productions are large size  precision  strip rolling  equipment and strip processing equipment; large whole set forging equipment, forged roll, large size casting and forging parts. MCC-SFRE is a large state owned enterprise taking on widespread influence in western part of China, as far as domestic market and international market.

MCC-SFRE has the Combining Three management system and certificate (GB/T19001 Quality Management system, GB/T24001 Environmental Management system and BG/T28001 Occupational Health and Safety Management system)  and the Import-export trades' authority with an approval of the state. We can manufacture the production according to the international standard and European standard as well as foreign company's standard.

MCC-SFRE  established  complete  technica l innovation  system  and  owned  new  product independent  development  ability as well as a strict management system from the marketing,  new production R. & D., engineering, technical  research,  manufacturing,  quality control to after sales service.

MCC-SFRE has about 3,300 employees including about 800 technicians  (including  Professor Senior  Engineers  and  Senior  Engineers).  We own  the large capacity of hot manufacturing and machining and rich technical experience.  The products widely apply to metallurgy, ferrous industry, shipbuilding, petrol-industry, electric power, mechanics, chemistry and automobile industries etc. They  are  not  only  selling  well in  local  international  market  but  also achieving outstanding performances and gaining good reputations.

The company has already built up an annual producing capacity of 5,0000-ton rolling equipments and strip equipments. Main products divided into 15 series that amount to more than 200 kinds, including all kinds of non-ferrous & ferrous  metal strip & plate mill, strip & plate  processing line, as well as strip & plate finishing equipments etc. and the forging facilities. The representative products are as follows: Hot & cold strip& plate mill, Skin pass mill, pay-off reel and tension reel and mandrel shaft,  strip & plate  skin-pass mill,  coil dividing  line, leveler and straightener as well as all kinds of  flying  shears  and hydraulic shear, slab continues casting machine, large size mental extruder, forging presser, manipulator, hydraulic presser, gearbox with hardened gear-teeth, all sort of spare parts for mining machinery.

Large size forged roll and casting & forging parts: annual yield of forged roll amounts to 20,000 tons,  large size fined casting parts amounts to 20,000 tons  (the weight of the largest piece is up to 200t), forged parts amounts to 45,000 tons (the weight of the largest piece is up to 75t) and ingot for forging amounts to 90,000 tons. The scope of products covers forged roll, mill housing and chocks of strip & plate mill which width is not more than 2250mm.

The  company  committed  itself  to building domestic first-class and world famous research & development manufacturing base specializing in metallurgical equipment and large-scale complete set of equipment to provide national economy with major equipments, and the largest forged steel roll production  base as well as large casting and  forging parts  production base in Northwestern Region of China. Based on the new start point and height level, the company will spare no efforts to provide customers


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