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Brief introduction of MCC-SFRE

 CNC Boring、Milling Equipment 
 CNC Lathe Equipment 
 CNC Gear Machining Equipment 
 CNC Grinding Equipment 
 CNC Machining Center 
 Heat Treatment Equipment 
There are excellent equipments and installations, including more than 2,000 sets of technology manufacturing equipment, measuring and testing equipment, large-size, rare precision equipment more than 200 units, CNC equipment more than 70. Roller Company have refining furnace duplex melting, double vacuum casting, double frequency quenching heating technology, equipped with 30 tons, 50 tons of high impedance electric arc furnace, 40 tons, 60 tons of finishing smelting furnace and 8,000 tons of free forging oil press, 125 t manipulator, variable frequency inductive difference temperature induction hardening machine, dual-frequency quenching machine and other important equipment.


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